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Burglary Defense Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

Are you facing burglary charges in Phoenix, AZ?

Burglary in Arizona is considered a felony offense. A criminal act that will permanently be on your record, you may also serve jail time, face potential restitution, fees, fines, and other penalties that may be imposed.

Burglary Defense Attorney Phoenix AZ

When charged with a criminal offense, I know just how helpless it can feel. Uncertain of where to turn to, who to trust, and overall at an utter loss, you need a trusted source to guide you through the criminal court system who genuinely is out to protect your freedom. You need me, Aaron Black.
Although the possible outcome of your case may seem bleak, bear in mind that each situation has its own set of circumstances, and with that comes defense opportunities tailored to fit your particular case.

Experience in the Courtroom Matters!

I have spent countless hours in the courtroom, argued over 55 jury trials, tried over 120 bench trials, and became a highly experienced litigator. My trial experience sharpened my litigation skills, giving me invaluable insight into the legal system.
Although my office is located in Phoenix, I represent clients in all Arizona justice, municipal, state, county, and federal courts.

What are the penalties for burglary in Phoenix, AZ?

All burglary charges in Arizona are classified as felonies. A conviction for burglary has a potential sentence that exceeds one year in state prison.

Take charge of your defense by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney.
  • First Degree Burglary (Residential)

    A class 2 felony offense, first-degree burglary is punishable by up to 12.5 years in prison, 7 years of probation, and a fine of $150,000 plus surcharges.
  • First Degree Burglary (Commercial)

    A class 3 felony offense, first-degree burglary is punishable by up to 8.75 years in prison, 5 years of probation, and a $150,000 and surcharges.
  • Second Degree Burglary

    Sentencing for second-degree burglary penalties varies based on the violent or non-violent offense.

    A class 3 felony offense is punishable by up to 8.75 years in prison, 5 years of probation, and a $150,000 and surcharges.
  • Third Degree Burglary

    A class 4 felony for third-degree burglary is punishable by a maximum punishment is 3.75 years in prison, 4 years of probation, and a fine of $150,000 plus surcharges.
  • Possession of Burglary Tool(s)

    Class 6 felony for possession of burglary tools carries a maximum punishment of 2 years in prison, 3 years of supervised probation, and a $150,000 fine and surcharges.
In addition to the penalties above, you will also be subject to social consequences. A felony conviction on a burglary charge means that you could also lose your job, be turned down for a job, professional licenses and certifications can be suspended or revoked. You'll lose your right to vote and your Second Amendment right to own and possess a firearm will be revoked.

Should I get a Public Defender for free?

Public Defenders are some of the best lawyers who know the courts well. I, too, was a public defender and benefited from the same training. However, Public defenders are overworked, and you will not receive personalized attention on your case because they have too many clients.
When you hire me, you get years of legal experience defending both felony and misdemeanor charges. Perhaps most importantly, you will receive my legal representation, not a paralegal or a junior lawyer.

Experience Outweighs the Cost of an Attorney

We've all heard horror stories from the legal trenches.
  • My lawyer failed to show up at the preliminary hearing!
  • The criminal defense attorney that I initially talked to disappeared into the abyss, and someone that I'm not familiar with showed up in the courtroom in their place. 
  • My lawyer won't return my phone calls.
That list of failed legal representation can go on and on.
At the Law Office of Aaron Black, I represent each of my clients personally. Unlike many large law firms that work to acquire as many cases as possible at any given time, I represent a limited number of clients. You can expect individualized service from the Law Office of Aaron Black.
Not only will you get personal representation, but you will also get direct contact with me. Not a legal team, not an associate, me.
When you have questions, are nervous, need to talk, or you need to chat to ease your mind, you will have my cell number, and I'm available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Although not the cheapest criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ, when your freedom is at stake, you need the truth about the potential outcome and someone with intimate  knowledge of the legal system and the experience to back it up. With your life's balance on the line, cost should not be your first criteria when choosing a criminal defense attorney in your burglary charges.

Free Legal Consultation

When you talk with me for your free consultation, I will walk you through the criminal process and what you can expect at each court hearing.
Your time is valuable, and in many situations (except felonies), your lawyer can attend the majority of your court appearances in regards to your case without your presence. You can rest assured that I will do everything possible to defend you while keeping you up to date on all relevant information about your burglary case.
I genuinely understand that facing charges can be complicated and confusing, and I promise that I will work tirelessly to provide the personalized, expert legal defense that you deserve and should expect.

Representing clients in all Arizona federal, state, county and city courts, I serve clients in the following cities. 
  • Apache Junction
  • Avondale
  • Chandler
  • Gilbert
  • Glendale
  • Goodyear
  • Mesa
  • Peoria
  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Surprise
  • Tempe, Arizona
Aaron Black Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix AZ

If you or someone you know are facing aggravated assault charges in Phoenix, AZ, or other communities in Arizona, please contact Criminal Defense Attorney Aaron Black or call (480) 729-1683 for a free consultation.

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