"I understand that good people sometimes find themselves in bad situations."

Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix

Assertive in the courtroom and when questioning my clients, you can rest assured that my passion for defending my clients runs deep.

A staunch advocate for defending individuals accused of crimes in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding communities, I also defend a wide range of criminal offenses.

Below are just a few satisfying things my clients had to say after receiving my legal services.

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Anonymous O.


I remember the day I called Aaron. He picked up the call right away and was willing to listen to my case. After he allowed me to ramble on, he gave me his professional opinion, I agreed to hire him, and it was only then that he told me he was on vacation. I appreciated that he took the time to review my case during his time off. Aaron was in constant contact with me (by phone and in writing) discussing and explaining the details of my case as they were released. Aaron always called at least a day before a court hearing to go over the details with me again. Being as nervous as I was he made me feel very comfortable. He never missed a beat when he talked about the laws in my city, the processes of the MVD and the court system. He explained them with ease and with a confidence that assured me that he knew what he was doing. As my case wrapped up he told me he would continue to be available and talk me through the rest of my obligations. I would hire him again, no hesitation!

Kristin, A DUI Client D.


So I guess I had to much fun and made a bad decision. Aaron made sure I never felt like a criminal. He always dealt with me personally and effectively. He did the most he could and Drastically reduced my DUI sentence. I felt like everyone else was against me... the judge...the cops...but it was OK cause I had Aaron. I felt that he was always available even when I knew my questions where monotonous. Hiring Aaron was the best decision I made.

A DUI Client S.


Attorney of the year award goes to.... I had some trouble with the law, and was looking for an attorney to help me and my family through all of the court processes. Aaron Black went above and beyond to help us out. He advised and backed us through the whole case and helped us interpret the legal jargon that we would probably overlook. He is very knowledgeable and cares about his clients very much. If I ever have a friend in the future that needs an attorney, I know exactly who I'm going to recommend.

Kevin F.


Aaron is very knowledgeable on the law's regarding DUI offenses. He was always available whether for office visits or by telephone. Aaron did everything he could for me and got me the best results possible for my case. He was able to work with the court to accommodate my schedule and allow me to work through the whole process. I highly recommend Aaron Black. Thanks Aaron.

Jurgen L.


His availability is completely unmatched.

Chanel X.


He fought for me and treated me with great respect.

Tereasa A.


He worked on my case the day I met him and had the charges dropped down before my court date.

DUI Client T.


I think its pretty uncommon to find the same thing being said about one person if it wasn't true. Everyone seems to agree that Mr. Black is the attorney you should use, and I agree completely. Arizona laws are very strict and I like most folks on this site was stopped and was charged with DUI (1st Time Misdemeanor). I blew a .12 and my BAC was .149 according to my blood test. Not much I could do, and Aaron advised me as such. He told me to complete my classes and what to do before our court case to look the best to the court. I plead guilty and was given credit for my night in jail as time served and he suspended the other 9 days. All in all, not a bad experience. Like everyone has mentioned, Aaron personally gets back to you immediately. He follows up relentlessly, and reminds you of anything that you may have to do or comply with. He knew everyone in court and seems well liked by everyone, even the judge. You don't need to hire a brutally expensive lawyer when you can get the best for a reasonable price. Hire him!

Paresh S.


I couldn't have been happier with Aaron! He is a class act and will work extremely hard for you. I went from DV & Disorderly Conduct x 2 to Diversion for DC x 1 only!!!

Major S.


Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have met Mr. Aaron Black. After interviewing 5-7 lawyers I knew right away Mr. Black was the man for my case. Not only informative, Mr. Black is well educated in this great legal system we have (ha ha) and is well known in the right circles. He is a man among boys in the court room. I almost lost my career due to my mistakes and was intimidated beyond belief. Aaron sat me down right away and told me the plan of attack and did not try to beat around the bush. After talking with Mr. Black I knew he was all about business and that I made the right choice. Mr. Black ALWAYS took my calls and would promptly text if he was unable to answer. Mr. Black went above and beyond in his obligations and kept me focused and informed as nothing happens over night. My thoughts on Mr. Aaron Black: 11 out of 10 for customer service Goal focused Great American who supports Military Up to date of laws and regulations (found a mistake right away) #1 He got me the results I was looking for.


Jlexx R.


This is the third time my family has hired Mr. Black. I can't thank him enough for his dedication, skills, and knowledge. He once again saved the day for my son and me.I would recommend in a heartbeat !!!

David M.


Mr. Aaron Black was impressive in every facet of the case, from preparation to closing arguments. It was evident he was confident and passionate about defending my father in a 3-day trial. Aaron and his expert witness left no doubt in the outcome of the case, his arguments were masterfully developed and persuasive. His closing was natural, persuasive and a pleasure to watch. I had supreme confidence knowing he was on our team! I would absolutely recommend Mr. Aaron Black as a defense attorney.

Mark A.


Your rights are thoroughly defended with Aaron Black

Susanne A.


Like you I was searching for someone who could provide help, guidance, and most of all a defense. My 17 son was arrested with a DUI charge and I was very confused. The arresting officer down played the whole thing saying it was a mistake on my son's part but that he would learn from it and would move on. My son is a good kid and had never been involved in any trouble before. I was questioning the need for representation until I talked with friends who had been through a similar situation. After that conversation there was no doubt I needed help. I did a lot of research before I called Attorney Black. Right from the start I felt comfortable with him. He was very clear in explaining what we were facing and answered every question we had. It was obvious he had a lot of experience and was well equipped to help us. Mr. Black was always available to me during the process. I called and texted during the evening, on weekends and even once at 5:30 am. It was amazing how quickly he responded. He worked around my schedule so I didn't have to take any time off from work. Attorney Black spent an hour with the arresting officer and as a result uncovered details he used in negotiations with the Prosecutor. Mr. Black was able to get the charges reduced to reckless driving. What a relief. I was very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend Attorney Black to anyone who is facing a DUI charge. He has the practical experience, is very professional, and exceptionally accessible. There's no middle person to deal with. You get to talk with him directly each and every time.

Jason A.


Mr. Black was excellent in all regards! I was completely overwhelmed and emotionally devastated facing a DUI case. Not only was Mr. Black extremely knowledgeable, understanding, and helpful when I called for a consultation, but his fee was very affordable and competitive. He had a straightforward, no nonsense way of explaining the facts involved in my case, but always did so with compassion.

Throughout my case he kept me informed, answered any and all questions I had, and always made sure I was comfortable and understood the steps in the process. Mr. Black handled everything for me, which was a huge relief. And in the end I feel his work ethic and diligence got me the best possible outcome for my case! I would highly recommend Mr. Black to anyone!

Stacey S.


Outstanding Criminal Trial Lawyer

Matt M.


Saved my life

Renee R.


I highly recommend Aaron Black as an attorney!

Steve T.


Aaron has been there every step of the way for a very challenging case... He believes in you, so it's easy to believe in him.

Dr. Soki D.


Attorney Aaron Black was a gift!! He did the research, presented the evidence and I did NOT go to prison or jail. I am eternally grateful.

Hannah P.


If I could give him 10 stars I would!

Anonymous O.


Incredibly Proficient, Incredibly Human

Kim K.


First of all, let me start off by saying that Aaron is the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona!! From day one he answered his phone 24/7 for anything and everything my mother and I needed. I hired Aaron in February for my mom's DUI (she blew a .24) and in the State of Arizona that usually means you get to experience the wonderful hospitality of Sheriff Joe. The second I found out about had happened, I called Aaron Black immediately and he started working on her case. Needless to say, my mom and I never once worried about the outcome, he was honest, up-front, and made sure we were informed the entire way.

On June 24, 2013 my mom's DUI CHARGE WAS DIMISSED ALL THANKS TO ATTORNEY AARON BLACK!! He really put in the time and effort to show that the she-cop had no right in the first place to start a DUI investigation. Aaron worked this case to the bone and the most amazing part...my mom had no complaints and loved her attorney. Why? Because Aaron actually cares about his clients, works extremely hard, has a fierce presence in a Courtroom, and without his help and expertise my mom would be a resident of Tent City.

If you need an attorney Aaron is the one to call. I would recommend Aaron Black to anyone and everyone because he will put in the time your case deserves and will never leave you in the dark. Aaron Black saved my mom, made her realize what had happened was not alright, and fought for her when no one else would. No matter how many times I could thank him, its not enough because he is helped my family in more ways than one. Thank you for everything you have done and your efforts will never be forgotten! Aaron Black is the attorney to have my fellow Arizonians! I bet my mother’s life on it ;)

Monica A.


This was my first experience dealing with the law (outside of speeding tickets) and Aaron made it manageable. Taking an extremely stressful situation and making it doable is what he did for me. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs someone to represent them. He’s not going to mess around; he takes your situation seriously. Beyond honest and upfront with me and was always being available was huge for me. You didn’t have to deal with an ‘office person,’ you talked to him directly. Didn’t matter how, phone, text, email, he was always quick to respond and would follow up with you after every step of the process. He kept me informed through every stage of dealing with a DUI especially with the nursing board and was realistic with me and supported my decisions.

He did it all, making arrangements so everything could be done quickly and in a timely manner. I can’t stress how important this was to me that he made a stressful situation a little less intense/stressful. I was so pleased that Aaron was always prepared for everything and anything. There wasn’t a situation he didn’t know how to handle or advise me on. But most importantly, he did everything he possibly could for me and my situation. Giving me options, the pros and cons of the situation without influencing me in any way but giving me the facts is what anyone would want and hope for in someone representing them.

​ Need a lawyer.. call Aaron! It would be the best decision you ever made!

John C.


Mr. Aaron block was referred to me directly from another attorney handling my civil case, and he immediately took charge of my criminal traffic case, in every step of the way. I couldn't be happier with his completely direct, super-professional proactive approach and strategy towards staying ahead of all the legal proceedings and leading the way until my criminal traffic case was completely dismissed just several short weeks later. Because Aaron made a point to be on top of everything, he made it possible for me to not even attend two (2) separate court appearances, thereby saving me the trouble of taking a day off without pay, and avoiding me cancelling my Fourth of July vacation plans with my family which would've required me to eat the large costs of my non-refundable airline tickets. He was outstanding at updating me via texts and voicemails and e-mails with every court filing and deadline he completed (all ahead of schedule) and even offered to meet with me on the weekend to discuss strategy after hours. One of Mr. Black's greatest values to me is the peace of mind he instilled in me the moment he took control of my case, as if to say, "you can go ahead and rest easy and step aside, John, "I got this"; and he certainly did own it, and follow through carefully and thoroughly and covered all his bases until completion / dismissal. To anyone reading this who wants to hand the reigns over to a true pro, this is your man, trust me ` you won't have any worries after you retain Mr. Aaron Black. He's truly the best at what he does, bottom line. Thank you so much for your excellent and timely professional work Aaron. I will continue to recommend anyone in need to you as a top choice for getting desired results. My family and I are very grateful to you for what you do at the highest level !

Jeff M.


I worked an investigation for Attorney Aaron Black and ultimately we went to trial on the case in April this year. I have to commend Mr. Black on his dedication, knowledge and trial skills. This was a case where a gentleman was facing a serious charge and Aaron was able to convey my investigation along with his own research to the court in such a way that we walked away with a "Not Guilty" against a tough prosecution. I was thoroughly impressed with Mr. Black's calm yet confident demeanor and ability to turn up the heat when necessary. I have worked for numerous attorneys here in the valley and gone to trial with a high percentage of them and I can count on one hand how many fight as hard and smart as Mr. Black. I look forward to working with Mr. Black again in the future

Anonymous O.


I have never written a review on anything, ever. But I am compelled to write one for Mr. Aaron Black. A few months ago, I ran (drove) into some trouble. After going through the emotions of the ordeal, I began reviewing lawyers, like many of you are doing now, and came across Aaron Black. I decided to retain him for my legal representation, and I was extremely happy I did. Mr. Black was always available when you need him and provides pertinent answers. He was able to get many of my charges dropped, and the one I plead to was the minimum. My 1 year suspension was dropped and he argued successfully reducing my hours in jail. He definitely knows his stuff. I hope this review serves you all well, as I relied heavily on reviews in my selection process. But one thing I will say, go with Aaron Black, you'll be thankful you did.

Matt S.


Saved my life!

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