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Ways to Avoid Self-Incrimination While in Custody

by Aaron M. Black • February, 11, 2021
If law enforcement has arrested you for a crime, then it is important to know how to conduct yourself. You do not want to have your words or actions used against you in court. Criminal defense attorney Aaron Black explains how to avoid self-incrimination while in custody. more...

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Christmas and the New Year See Spikes in Domestic Violence in Phoenix

by Aaron M. Black • December, 18, 2020
Since the pandemic began, calls reporting domestic violence have risen by 140 percent over calls a year ago according to the Phoenix Police Department. more...

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Arizona’s Criminal Accessary and Accomplice Law

by Aaron M. Black • December, 11, 2020
On its face it may seem unfair for someone to be criminally charged for an act performed by someone else. But those who in any way assist someone to commit or cover up a crime will face the same charges and penalties as the actual perpetrator. more...

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How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

by Aaron M. Black • November, 13, 2020
How do I find the best criminal defense attorney for my case? Phoenix defense attorney Aaron Black offers the following pieces of advice. more...

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What You Should Know About Deferred Prosecution in Arizona

by Aaron M. Black • October, 22, 2020
Many defendants are offered a plea bargain or are given the opportunity to enter into a voluntary diversion program known as deferred prosecution. more...

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Ways to Post Bail in Arizona Criminal Cases

by Aaron M. Black • October, 12, 2020
Arizona and all other states have an important system that allows people who are charged with a crime to remain free while the case travels its way through the complex legal system, which can take months or even years before resolution. more...

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I Received a Criminal Summons What Happens Now?

by Aaron M. Black • September, 23, 2020
This is the first time you will be in court standing before a judge. During this appearance you will be officially informed about the criminal allegations against you. You will also be advised of your right to have an attorney representing you or that one will be appointed for you. more...

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You Can Be Charged with Drug Paraphernalia in Arizona

by Aaron Black • July, 17, 2020
Many tangible things related to the manufacture and use of drugs are defined in Arizona Revised Statute §13-3415(F)(2) as paraphernalia so a common kitchen spoon and even the kitchen sink can become paraphernalia tools for a Class 6 felony. more...

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The ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Defense for Teenagers’ Sex Crimes

by Aaron Black • June, 18, 2020
The age of consent to legally agree to engage in sexual activity in Arizona is 18, however, a legal exception is in place in Arizona to avoid a statutory rape conviction. more...

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Think Your Case is Over If It’s ‘Dismissed’ by a Grand Jury in Phoenix? It’s not

by Aaron Black • June, 11, 2020
You may have seen online that your case was “dismissed” to the grand jury, that doesn’t mean your case is over. more...

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Knapp Counsel: Private Attorneys Team with Public Defenders in Phoenix, AZ

by Aaron Black • June, 04, 2020
Having a private attorney along with a public defender wasn’t possible until long after this double murder case first made headlines. more...

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